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First of all, the name "INGREDIBLE" doesn't mean anything!

It's just a cool word and I made an ambigram out of that word by influence of Dan Browns novel
(Angels and
All the songs I have made with Mac's garageband program. Videos are made with Sony handycam

dcr-sx15e by combining own footages and various movieclips...

GarageBand is only available as a part of
iLife, a suite of applications
intended to simplify the creation and organization of digital content.
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Who the hell is M. Suomi?
- I'm a lonely player from Finland.
- I'm trying to find bandmates to do this kind of  music together.
- I have played since I was 6 years old, also in few bands.
oma vendetta art rg
My guitars:
Dean guitars -Vendetta1.7 natural 7-string
Ibanez - Art 320 BK
Ibanez - RG 550 DB